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Project History

[简体中文] [繁體中文]

argouml-i18n-zh was created by Jeff Liu on April 4, 2005, and this project had generated the following property files:

  • aboutbox_zh.properties
  • aboutbox_zh_TW.properties
  • action_zh_TW.properties
  • menu_zh_TW.properties
All of them are in Traditional Chinese.

Addone and Shaken created a Simplified Chinese localization project argouml-zh-cn, which has been closed now, on February 13, 2006. This project had translated a bound of property files:

  • aboutbox_zh_CN.properties
  • action_zh_CN.properties
  • button_zh_CN.properties
  • combobox_zh_CN.properties
  • filechooser_zh_CN.properties
  • label_zh_CN.properties
  • menu_zh_CN.properties
  • misc_zh_CN.properties
  • statusmsg_zh_CN.properties
  • tab_zh_CN.properties
All of them have been merged to argouml-18n-zh.

The present project contains both Simplified and Traditional Chinese property files.